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Purple Hank

Purple Hank: A four piece combo of veteran musicians, covering a wide range of American music. Their style is best described as a six corner cross street; CCR crossing Jimmie Reed and The Flying Burrito Brothers. Rock blues and country; a unique blend of fresh songs with familiar feels.

The lineup is a classic club quartet; bass, two guitars, and drums, sitting comfortably behind strong front vocals, enhanced with natural harmonies. The band is up-tempo and liquid. The dynamics are tailored to the audience. Their material is blue collar gritty, and delivered in that time honored road house tradition, with a solid kick and a little twang.

Though he has written music used by producer Ed Cherney, Jan Arden, and blues guitarist Harvey Mandel, Schultz is best known for his albums and shows with Bucktown and The Jubilee Song Birds. Recently Schultz pulled this particular group of players together specifically for live performances. Bill Borton; originally trained as a jazz percussionist, later turned to prog rock with Chicago's infamous Rollercoaster. Steve Pirruccello; guitarist for a variety of popular midwest bands he turned his musical interests towards instrument manufacturing, and is currently a partner in Lakland Bass Guitar company. Doug Oliver; singer and guitarist from the Iowa outback, brings a clarity and authentic edge to his side of the stage. Schultz fills out the group covering bass and lead vocals.

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